8 Luckiest Guys in the World

Below are the 8 luckiest guys in the world....

Luckiest Guy No.8 (Tom)
Got to spend an entire day with his 2 girlfriends!

Luckiest Guy No.7 (Chang)
Got to spend an entire evening with 8 lovely girls!

Luckiest Guy No.6 (John)
Got to spend an entire weekend with these 2 Brazilian babes!

Luckiest Guy No.5 (Russel)
His 3 girlfriends agreed to let him cheat on them once in a while!

Luckiest Guy No.4 (Paul)
Got to spend his entire summer with 4 hot chicks!

Luckiest Guy No.3 (Jimmy)
Hooked up with 5 hot gals at the same party!

Luckiest Guy No.2 (Chuck)
Born rich and married to this hot chick!

Luckiest Guy No.1 (Raja)
I mean should we even give you a reason why he is the luckiest guy alive!